Who we are ?


Advanced Logistics Services is Egyptian privately-owned company with a limited liability, operating in the sector of logistics, warehousing and freight forwarding with a reputation for providing outstanding quality that continues to secure a loyal customer base. ALS is committed to offer worldwide logistics services that comprise all aspects of transportation through high caliber professionals.
The value of human dignity is one of the cornerstones of ALS’ operating philosophy. We value long-term relationships – with business partners, customers, suppliers and our own staff.

We are distinguished by managing our own premises and equipment. Our facilities are located for ease of reach and equipment access. With flexibility in facility size and type, we are able to select an existing site or set up what you need for optimal proximity.

ALS engages in the services of transport, storage, and distribution of freight by road, rail, water, and air. In addition to that the Dry/Break bulk activity is considered to be the backbone of our services where This activity represents in performing the operations of loading, offloading, storage, transportation and custom release starting from receiving the cargo loose/Bulk in our warehouses until loading on board of vessels.


We manage and serve some of the most advanced supply chains products in the world in a diverse range of industries i.e. Coal, Rock Phosphate, Silica Sand, Limestone, etc…;. With a relentless focus on simplifying complex supply chains, we uncover efficiency improvements that enable our customers to cut their inventories, reduce operating costs, and make significant short-term savings for long-term competitiveness. ALS provides supply chain solutions to meet traditional and complex customer needs. ALS offers air, ocean, road and freight forwarding, warehousing, storage, stowage, packaging and specialized services in project logistics.

For the purpose of analysis, we have divided our services into four segments: transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing, and value-added logistics services (VALS).


  • Transportation via air, road, rail, and marine transport.
  • Warehousing includes warehousing or storage services during manufacturing and/or distribution.
  • Freight forwarding includes freight booking, documentation, insurance, and custom clearance.
  • Value-added logistics services include packaging, labeling, bar coding, tagging, warranty processing, and returns management.



Ocean Freight
Project Handling
Inland Haulage
Customs Clearance and Door Delivery
Break/Dry Bulk

ALS is focusing on the dry/break bulk cargo that is shipped and stowed in large quantities and can be easily stowed with a little risk of cargo damage. It is worth to be mentioned that in 2012 approximately 4 billion tons of dry bulk cargo was transported by sea comprising more than one-third of all international seaborne trade.

ALS targets a niche market serving specific goods where Egypt’s participation in the world trade of these products is clearly illustrated. i.e. (Cement, Rock Phosphate, Silica Sand, clinker, salt, etc…). These products need special requirement and professionalism in operation process. These activities represent in performing the operations of loading, offloading, storage, transportation and custom release starting from receiving the cargo in our warehouses until loading on board of vessels. Over the years, this service is distinct with low competitive rivalry factor as the number and size of firms targeting this niche market are smaller than the industry trend which open a promising path for growth. Over the years, this service made us distinct as there is no competitor in our strength and we bet on this.


Nowadays Logistics services are taking an essential part in our country’s development, so we are aiming to play a major role through creating and delivering a new ways of integrated logistics solutions, that enhance our business partners and customers to achieve their objectives with lowest cost and superior service.


Creating a global logistics organization, exceeding the limitation and expectation is our philosophy.
ALS is aiming to Establish a global logistics organization that can exceed the borders and the expectations.

Establish a global logistics organization, exceeding the limitations and expectations is our vision.


We work for mutual SUCCESS.

  • See our goals
  • Understand the obstacles
  • Clear vision for the future
  • Create the opportunity
  • Embrace the challenge
  • Stay on track Show the world you can do it